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February 27, 2003

CAST/CREW: CAST Scout Finch Leah Beth Bolton Jem Finch Jason Kriaski Atticus Finch Billy Worboys Calpurnia Carrie Walker Miss Maudie Jennifer Hayes Miss Stephanie Michele Gachet Mrs. Dubose Beth Patterson Dill Alex Hayes Sheriff Heck Tate Marty Hayes Mr. Gilmer Bret Scott JudgeTaylor Martin Meyer Sister Sykes Cynthia Manuel Mayella Ewell Brandy Singleton Bob Ewell Jeff Howell Walter Cunningham Roger Stanfield Tom Robinson Anthony Eanes Nathan Radley Carl Seely Boo Radley Trey Tygret Court Reporter Brenda Poteet Link Deas J. Patrick Mob Members Russ Evans, Carl Seely Offstage Voice Jacob Hay CREW Directors Becky Fly & Billy Worboys Assistant Director/Stage Mngr Lindsay Mitchell Scenic Design/Graphics Billy Worboys Costumes Becky Fly, Dodie Worboys Makeup/Hair Molly Williams, Anthony Eanes, Leslie Cooper Set Construction Lindsey Mitchell, John Kriaski, Russ Evans, Jeff Howell, Jimmy Hoppers, Marty Hayes, Jennifer Hayes Backstage Staff Scott Anderson House Manager Katie Raper Lights/Sound Terry Bivens Box Office Kristen McKenney SpecialThanks JC-M Theatre Department, Union UniversityTheatre, Two Silly Sisters Antiques, 101.5 FM, WBBJ, 104.1 FM, Jack Smith, The Jackson Sun, Kathi & Rex Leatherwood, Nando Jones, Cynthia Manuel, Signs First, Holly Hayes
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