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The Jackson Theatre Guild relies solely on volunteer performers for its productions. We are a non-professional community theatre, and all of our auditions are open to the public. Below are some frequently asked questions about our audition and rehearsal process, but if you need more information, feel free to Contact Us.


Do you have to have prior experience?

Absolutely not! Anyone can audition regardless of experience.


When do you rehearse?

Non-musicals typically rehearse for 6-7 weeks and musicals often have an 8-9 week rehearsal period. We rehearse on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm. We move the show into the Ned Cultural Arts Center (our primary stage) 2 Saturdays before the show opens and from that point through the run of the show, every cast member must be at all rehearsals/performances.


Performances include a Preview Party/final dress rehearsal on Wednesday, and then the show runs from Thursday to Sunday with 5 performances that include Saturday and Sunday matinees. Please do not accept a role if you cannot commit to the rehearsal or performance schedule. All roles are equally important, regardless of whether they are considered "lead" roles or "supporting" roles and the commitment to them should be equal.


How do I find out when/where you are having an audition?

Audition opportunities will always be posted on our homepage along with a link to all pertinent information, such as: directions to our audition location, a synopsis of the play, character descriptions, and any age/physical requirements that the script may require. If you "like" our facebook page, all information about upcoming events will show up in your feed.


Since we usually rehearse 6 weeks prior to a non-musical performance and 8 weeks prior to a musical, you can check out our show dates to get an idea of when the next audition will be. We try to post audition information at least two weeks before the audition dates and those of you who have joined our mailing list will get a special reminder. Links and dates will also be posted in the form of an event on our Facebook page.


What is a typical audition like?

For musicals we ask that you have a brief 30-second (16 bar segment) from a song prepared to sing. Preferably, your selection should be something from the show, but anything that features your vocal range will do. You need to bring either an instrumental CD of your song or sheet music if you would like an accompaniment on piano. After singing, you and other auditionees will be called up to read scenes from the play for the director.


For non-musicals we will do what is called a “cold read.” Like the second part of musical auditions, people will be called up to read scenes from the play. You may have the opportunity to read a variety of characters multiple times for the director as he/she gets a feel for your talents and abilities.


How long do auditions last?

There are two audition days for every play, usually a Saturday and Sunday. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours (musicals longer), giving enough time for everyone to read for various characters and/or sing, depending on the production. You are not required to come to both sessions, but it is helpful to our directors if you can.


Often, we will have “call backs.” Call backs are usually held on the Monday or Tuesday following auditions, and they give the director one more opportunity to hear you read. Keep in mind that not getting a call back does not automatically count you out for a part, but receiving a call back does not mean that you are guaranteed a role. On the same token, if you are unable to attend a call back that you received, that does not negate your chances of getting a part. Call backs also run about 2 hours, depending on how many actors are called back in to read.


Can I come to an audition just to watch and see what it’s like?

Of course! Many of our best actors started out as observers. But we do ask that you please arrive on time so as not to disturb or interrupt another actor’s audition and if seating is limited due to a big turnout, we ask that you stand in the back.


What if I don’t get a part?

Don’t take it personally. That’s just part of the “biz” and we’ve all been there, so you’re in good company! If you didn’t get a part, please don’t let that keep you from auditioning again. In the meantime, there are many other ways to be a part of the show. Check out our Volunteer page for a list of non-acting opportunities.

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