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October 4, 2001

CAST/CREW: CAST Lily (Mary's aunt, Mr.Craven's wife, now dead) Catherine Greer Mary Lennox (niece of Archibald Craven) Sara Chinery Mrs. Medlock (Mr. (raven's housekeeper) Becky Fly Dr.Neville Cravens (Mr.Craven's brother) John West Martha (a housemaid) Leanne Williams Ben Weatherstaff (head gardener) David McCall Archibald Craven (Mary's uncle) Eric P. Egbert Dickon (Martha's brother) Brandon Pritchard Colin Craven (Archibald (raven's son) Grant Pritchard DREAMERS* Rose Lennox (Mary's mother) Tara Lee Donahue Captain Albert Lennox (Mary's father) Lewis L Thompson Alice (Rose's friend) Margaret Kemp Lt Wright (officer in Mary's father's unit) Richard Williams Lt. Shaw (fellow officer) Tim Pritchard Major Shelly (officer) Don Mitchell Major Holmes (officer) Kevin Bryant Claire Holmes (Major Holmes' wife) Lindsey Smalley Fakir Otha O. Womack Mr. Winthrop (schoolmaster) Kevin Bryant Mary's Friends Tiffany Kelly-Hollis, Caitlyn Jones, Carlie Jones, Stephanie Morrison, Lauren Pritchard *These characters, referred to collectively as the Dreamers, are people from Mary's life in India, who haunt her until she finds her new life in the course of this story.) CREW Director Scott Conley Music Director Steve Taranto Set Design Billy Worboys Set Construction/Scene Painting Scott Conley, Toni Kuhn, Kristen Mitchell, Lindsay Mitchell, Tom Voss, Jimmy Hoppers, Don Mitchell, Ivy Morford, Jamie Kuhn, Billy Worboys, Roger Chinery, Kevin Bryant, Tim Pritchard Stage Managers Mari West, Kristen McKenney Costumes Becky Fly Costume Crew Lori Bryant, Margaret Morrison, Kelly Lim, Steve Taranto Lighting Design Scott Conley, Terry Bivens House Manager Katie Raper SPECIAL THANKS: Theatre Memphis, Tuxedos by Brasher's, Yesterday's Antiques, Bernadette's Secret Garden, JRPD, Pat Alford, Lambuth Theatre, JCM Theatre, Richard Gilliam Rowers, Union University Theatre,Jackson Middle School, Matt Worboys, Dodie Worboys, Dr.& Mrs. Donald Lafont, The Jackson Sun, WBBJ-Tv, News Talk 1015, Bubba's Bagels, Davis-Kidd Booksellers and Cafe, King Jewelers, Bauda's, The Old Country Store, the Baker's Rack, The Cake Gallery, Younger Associates, First Presbyterian Church, Mike Williams of Keyboard International, Vanessa Webster, Paula Sterling
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