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April 16, 2009

CAST/CREW: CAST Froggy LaSeur Ned Hunter Charlie Baker David Stutzman Betty Meeks Jolaine Bergman David Lee Will Radford Catherine Sims Winnie New Ellard Sims Sam Mauck Owen Musser Kyle Williams CREW Director Billy Worboys Assistant Director Marty Meyer Stage Manager Brenda Poteet, Lindsay Mitchell Scenic Designer Billy Worboys Costumers Marla Dineen, Becky Fly, Dodie Worboys Props Marla Dineen Set Crew Brent Varner, Tim Batross, Billy Warboys, Marla Dineen, Anne Daniels, T.J. Dineen, Christina Torres, Sam Mauck, Kyle Williams, Jolaine Bergman, Linda Hammond Backstage Crew Brent Varner, Marla Dineen, Brandy Bartlett, Anna Rene Morris, Christina Torres, TJ Dineen Sound/Lights Terry Bivens Box Office Kelly Williams, Terry Poteet, Susan Kriaski House Manager Katie Raper Preview Party Dodie Warboys, Anna Rene' Morris, Anne Daniels, Wanna Casey, Linda Hammond, Sharon Londe Acknowledgements Party Mart - Robert Stewart, Central Distributors, Madison Academic Theatre Dept-Becky Fly, HCI Supply - Bill Richardson, King Jewelers. Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, Younger Associates, Tim Batross, WBBJ, 101.5 Talk Radio
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