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September 29, 2016

CAST/CREW: CAST Rew Gamer as Richard Hannay Leah Fincher as Annabella Schmidt Pamela Margaret David Lundgren as Man in Street Light Professor Jordan Milkman Dunwoody Salesman 2 Heavy 2 Policeman Mrs. MacGariggle Porter Pilot Inspector Albright Christopher Stevens as Compere Crofter Man in Streetlight Pilot Mrs. Higgins Sheriff Policeman Heavy 1 David Stutzman as Mr. Memory Mrs. Jordan Salesman 1 Chief Inspector Paperboy Mr. McOuarrie Policeman Mr. MacGariggle The “Crew” Rob Beebe Laura Reiswig Melissa Roberts Russ Evans CREW Director Scott Conley Assistant Director Rew Garner Stage Manager Christie Elliott Assistant Stage Manager Chrissy Watson Set Construction Billy Worboys, Jeff Howell, Patrick Kehoss, Kenny Newsom, Bruce Boone, Jason O’Neal Costumes Adam Foote Props Chrissy Watson Sound Effects David Stutzman Lighting/Sound Terry Bivens Box Office Kristen McKenney, Cassidi Adams House Manager Katie Raper Preview Party Dodie Worboys, Lana Suite, Kara Taylor Acknowledgements: Becky Fly, King Jewelers, Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, John Perkins Photography, Younger Associates, Det Distributing, Frank Arcuri-Flatiron Grille, King Jewelers, Jeff Howell, Natalie Black, Clay Elliott, Joanna Douglass
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