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August 8, 2002

CAST/CREW: CAST Ensign Nellie Forbush Sarah Thrasher Emile de Becque Kevin Bryant Ngana, his daughter Bailey Howell Jerome, his son Hunter Boyd Henry, his native servant Adrian Jones Bloody Mary Michele Henderson Liat, her daughter Jennifer Adcock Luther Billis Billy Worboys Stewpot John West Professor David Stutzman Lt. Joseph Cable, USMC David McCall Capt. George Brackett, USN Rick Stevens Cmdr. William Harbison, USN William Ide Lt. Buzz Adams Mike O'Neil BobMcCaffrey Anthony Eanes Seabees & Marines Jeff Howell Anthony Bond Don Caldwell Bill Hatter Nurses Erica Jacobs Shari Harper Teresa Morgan Dianne Smothers Emily Smith Julie Cooke Chelsey Morrison Deborah McLean Anna Ward Kathy Caldwell Belinda Mays-McEwen Tonkenese Dancers Elizabeth Ide Tara Allen CREW Director Becky Fly Set Design Billy Worboys Music Director Steve Taranto Choreographer Erica Jacobs Stage Managers Mari West, Brenda Poteet Rehearsal Pianists Kathy Kail, Brian Ford Costumes Dodie Worboys, Becky Fly, Michele Henderson Hair Anthony Eanes Set Construction Don Caldwell, Kathy Caldwell,Jeff Howell, Brian Ford, William Ide, Shari Harper, Tara Allen, Becky Fly, Lindsey Mitchell, Derek Shipman, Caleb Burke, Kristen Mitchell, John West, Elizabeth Ide, David Ide, Kenny Adcock Props Lindsey Mitchell, Derek Shipman, Kristen Mitchell, Beth Murley Graphic Design Billy Worboys Set Crew Quincy Rhoads, Bartley Stevens, Adrian Jones House Manager Katie Raper Lights/Sound Terry Bivens Lobby Display/Box Office Kristen McKenney Military Advisor CMSgt Spurgeon Smith French Dialogue Coach Mrs. Lee Ann Robins Tonkenese Dance Teresa Morgan
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