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July 22, 2021

CAST/CREW: CAST Deloris Van Cartier Ebony Taylor Mother Superior Carrie Prewitt Sister Mary Robert Mallory Mayo Sister Mary Patrick Abigail Hubbard Sister Mary Lazarus Julie Glosson Monsignor O’Hara David Stutzman Curtis Keith Davis Eddie Souther Ontoni Reedy TJ Ke’Van Yarbrough Joey Keaton Miller Pablo Michael Beecham Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours Brooke Wagster Sister Mary Theresa Dana Poteete Michelle Meg Howell Tina Cecilia Hammond ENSEMBLE ROLES Delores’ Backup Singers Lonita McClellan, Cynthia James Ernie Dan Spangle, Charlie Felton Nuns Brooke Wagster, Olivia Taylor, Kristy Wiler, Julie Cooke, Christina Crooks, Susan Hopper, Meg Howell, Cecilia Hammond, Madison Borden, Renée Brooks Altar Boys Logan Taylor, Nathan Nguyen Dancers Alfred Custer, Nathan Nguyen, Madison Borden, Cecilia Hammond, Meg Howell CREW Director Billy Worboys Choreographer Renée Brooks Music Direction Katie McGill Assistant Director Ontoni Reedy Stage Managers Chrissy Watson, Christie Elliott Set Design Billy Worboys Costumes Becky Fly, Kay Fox, Adam Foote, Anne Sain, Davie Harrison Select Costumes by The Costumer® Props Ariel Baxter, Christie Elliott Lights/Sound Terry Bivens Dance Captains Madison Borden, Keaton Miller ORCHESTRA Conductor Katie McGill Percussion Brandon Powers Bass Guitar Joseph Kyle Keyboard 1 Ben Wilkinson Keyboard 2 Steve Cothran Electric Guitar Ryan Young Trumpet 1 Joey Moore Trumpet 2 Anthony Hall Reed 1 Brian McLemore Reed 2 Besty Porter Trombone Mario Kee Set Construction Billy Worboys, Keaton Miller, Dan Spangle, Megan Christopherson, Kimberly Moore, Rob Beebe, Mallory Mayo, James Christopherson, Mary Hicks, Alfred Custer, Kenny and Kathy Newsome Backstage Dan Spangle, Jeff Howell, Katherine Cagle Dressers Lonita McClellan, Cynthia James Spotlight Melissa Roberts Preview Party Dodie Worboys, Lana Suite, Kayla Taylor, Cassidy Sheppard, Clay Elliott, Grover King, Jason Rudd, Kimberly Moore, Rachel Adams, Tamia Yates Box Office Ariel Baxter House Managers Anne Sain, Davie Harrison
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