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May 19, 2005

CAST/CREW: CAST The Girl Leah Beth Bolton Maude Donna Jacobi Julia Becky Fly Larrabee Billy Worboys Linus Gavin Blackwell Margaret Michele Gachet David Jonathan King Gretchen Jennifer Frost Sabrina Shelley Michael Fairchild Martin Meyer Paul David Stutzman Young Men/Women Kris King, Bradley Lowrance, Jason Tays, Mary Catherine Gatlin CREW Directed by Scott Conley Stage Manager Brenda Poteet Assistant Stage Mngr Reid Benson Costumes Michele Gachet, Becky Fly, Shelley Michael, Donna Jacobi Props/Set Decorations Macy Cowan Hair/Makeup Kris King Set Design Billy Worboys, Scott Conley Set Construction/Painting Billy Worboys, Scott Conley, Donna Jacobi, Chuck Lovelace, Shelley Michael Lighting/Sound Teny Bivens Backstage Crew Preview Party Hostesses Esther Gray, Brenda Whalley Box Office Joy McDonald, Teny Poteet, Chuck Lovelace House Manager Katie Raper SPECIAL THANKS: HCI Supply- Bill Richardson, Ken & Glenda Baker, Brashers Formal Wear, Mac Carter, DET Distributors- Mark Spragins, Tim Irby Photography, Madison Academic, 1015 tM. The Jackson Sun, WBBJ, Lynwood Wine & Spirits, Brad Greer, VIP Magazine, WTNV 104.1fm - ClearChannel Radio, WKNO-FM, Maria Mitchell, Union Drama Department, Southside Drama Department, Professional Uniform Shop, Belk, Mary Cowan, Trees and Trends, Bret Scott, Carla Burngasser, Yesterday’s Antiques
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