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October 6, 2011

CAST/CREW: CAST Clemma Diggins Cynthia Manuel-Mann Burt Hines Billy Worboys Josie Hines Jordan Askew Ken Norman Benjamin West Ray Dolenz Kevin Moss Annie Robbins Cindy Mallard Vinnie Bavasi Clayton Elliott Sammi Tracy Brunner Lewis Barnett Anthony Good CREW Director Billy Worboys Asst. to Director Kelsey Chandler Properties Marla Prater, Leann Mumbower Costumer Becky Fly Stage Manager Brenda Poteet Set Design Billy Worboys Set Construction Clayton Elliott, Ben West, Clayton White, Cindy Mallard Brent Varner, Patrick Kehoss, Kevin Moss, Caleb Valentine Backstage Crew Chuck Lovelace, Patrick Kehoss, Craig Cohea, Brandon Douglas, Sally Dickerson, Christie Elliott, Jerald Theus Lighting Terry Bivens Sound Terry Bivens Box Office Susan Kriaski, Terry Poteet Preview Party Frank Arcuri, Dodie Worboys, Brent & Mary Varner, Kristen McKinney, Kayla Taylor, Lana Suite, Sidney Bumgasser House Manager Katie Raper Acknowledgements Yesterday's Antiques - Jessie Byrum, Mid-Town Wine Shoppe & Spirits, Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, King Jewelers, Younger Associates, Soup du Jour, Rick Bakus Photography Frank Arcuri - Flatiron Grille, Kyle & Kelly Williams, Will Wilson, Charles Dickerson, Kathy Newsom, Allen Displays, Jerry Holt
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