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Oliver! 1981

November 20, 1981

Oliver! 1981
CAST/CREW: CAST Oliver Twist JOE SHARPE AT THE WORKHOUSE Mr. Bumble', the Beadle TOM HAYES Mrs. Corney, the Matron DUSTY BEVIS Old Sally, a pauper ANN PLUNK AT THE UNDERTAKER'S Mr. Sowerberry, the Undertaker BILLY WORBOYS Mrs. Sowerberry, his wife ROE DONOGHUE Charlotte, their daughter LINDA WYLIE Noah Claypole, their apprentice DAVID HOOVER AT THE THIEVES’ KITCHEN Fagin JOE KINCAID, III The Artful Dodger TOMMY SCOTT Nancy PAT GILLILAND Bet SUSAN CLEMENTS Bill Sikes RICHARD JACOBS AT THE BROWNLOW'S Mr. Brownlow RICHARD GAUGH Dr. Grimwig HARRY WILLIAMS Mrs. Bedwin KATHY TALLENT Workhouse Boys and Fagin's Gang: John Creasy. David Curlin, Farr Curlin, Shane Williams, Bob Brown, Gavin Blackwell, Jimmy Craig, Jay Blackwell, Michael Donoghue, John Barker, Mike Todd, John Bevis, Gabriel Givens, Joe Rowland, Jason Dean Londoners: George Moore, Jim Wilson, Hope Morrison, Beth Todd, Joan Wilson, Janet Hoskins, Randy Martin Street Criers: Molly Mestan (Rose Seller), Missy Plunk (Strawberry Seller), Julia Walker (Milkmaid), Rony Bain (Knife Grinder), Tim Estes (Long Song Seller) CREW Director Joseph Blass Assistant Director Tom Hayes Producer Beverly Vowell Choreographer Joe Kincaid, III Scenic Designer Billy Worboys Set Construction and Painting Billy Worboys, Judy Vermillion, Walter Rogers, Scott Conley, Tim Estes, George Moore, Joseph Blass, Harry Williams, Bill Plunk, Richard Jacobs, Bill Holland, Larry Langford Portrait for the Sowerberry's Darlene Tanner Costume Design Roxane Rhoads Costume Crew Martha Jo Cox, Sue Blass, Walter Rogers, Diane Dean, Boys' Chorus Parents, Adult Chorus Property Mistress Janet Hoskins Property Crew Ann Plunk, Brenda Poteet, Harry Williams, Caroline Emerson, Jcan Jones Stage Manager Beverly Vowell, Danny Snow Publicity Linda Wylie, Beverly Vowell Poster Design Billy Worboys Makeup and Hair (Boys' Chorus) Ann Barker, Tommy Scott, Caroline Emerson, Rob Emerson, Danny Snow Makeup and Hair (Chorus and Principals) Rony Bain, Linda Wylie Sound and Lighting Design Jim Etheridge House Manager Bill Holland Puppets Sue Blass
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