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September 24, 2015

CAST/CREW: CAST George Hay Billy Worboys Charlotte Hay Dana Poteete Roz Alyssa Marshall Paul Chris Burton Eileen Caitlin Kent Ethel Julie Glosson Richard David Lundgren Howard Brandon Douglas CREW Director Scott Conley Assistant Director Robert Curlin Stage Manager Christie Elliott Costumes Adam Foote, Joanna Douglass, Natalie Black, Broadway Costumes of Chicago Set Design Billy Worboys Set Construction Patrick Kehoss, Jeff Howell, Robert Curlin, Bruce Boone, David Lundgren, Clayton Elliott, Robert Curlin, Kenny Newsome, Billy Worboys Props Robert Curlin Backstage Crew Cecilia Hammond, Bruce Boone, Chuck Lovelace, Clayton Elliott Sound/Lights Terry Bivens House Manager Katie Raper Box Office Kristen McKenney Preview Party Dodie Worboys, Flatiron Grille, Kristen McKenney, Mary Varner, Sandy Johnson, Kayla Taylor, Andrew Boks, Caitlin Roach Acknowledgements Charles & Doris Lawrence - High Cotton Co., Leah Lundgren, Becky Fly, King Jewelers, Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, John Perkins Photography, Younger Associates, Madison Academic High School, LaRenda Siler, DET Distributing, Kathy-The Cookie Lady, Frank Arcuri-Flatiron Grille, Union University Theatre Department, Jimmy Glosson, Trees and Trends, Special Occasions
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