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July 18, 2019

CAST/CREW: CAST Hannah Pearson Sophie Sheridan Mallory Mayo Ali Meg Howell Lisa Erica Davidson Donna Sheridan Julie Glosson Tanya Dana Poteete Rosie Keaton Miller Sky Alfred Custer Pepper Logan Taylor Eddie Joshua Williams Sam Carmichael Shawn Sameiro Harry Bright Billy Worboys Bill Austin Clayton Elliott Father Alexandrios ENSEMBLE: Amy Gateley Blaine Lindsey Bret Scott Cecilia Hammond Chloe Belle Estes Courtney Williams Jacob Dinkins Lisa Monvignier Madison Borden Megan Christoferson Meleah Gateley Natalie Williams Nathan Nguyen Olivia Taylor Ontoni Reedy Susan Evans Susan Hopper Renee Brooks CREW Director Scott Conley Music Directors Benjamin & Christina Duffey Choreography Renee Brooks Set Design Billy Worboys Stage Manager Christie Elliott Assistant Director Clayton Elliott Production Assistant Sydney Lofton Lights/Sound Terry Bivens Spotlight Operator Dan Spangle Dance Lift Safety Instructor Rob Bebe Set Construction/Painting Billy Worboys, Dan Spangle, Rob Bebe, Kenny Newsom, Megan Christoferson, James Christoferson, Patrick Kehoss, Bruce Boone, Kate Cagle, Wendy Hailey Kim, Erica Davidson, Keaton Miller, Mallory Mayo, Sydney Lofton Costumes Becky Fly Dynamo/Dads' Costumes Natalie Black, Kay Fox Costume Crew Adam Foote, Joanna Douglass, Chrissy Watson Backstage Crew Kate Cagle, Jeff Howell, Chrissy Watson, Sydney Lofton, Natalie DeBerry, Ariel Baxter Props Ariel Baxter, Chrissy Watson Box Office Kristen McKenney Preview Party Dodie Worboys, Flatiron Grille, Central Distributors, Andrew Boks, Kayla Taylor, Lana Suite, Cassidy Sheppard, Jeff Howell House Managers Anne Sain, Davie Harrison BAND: Keyboard 1 /Conductor Benjamin Duffey Keyboard 2 Lisa Powell Keyboard 3 Gary Gooch Keyboard 4 Betsy Porter Guitar 1 Ryan Young Guitar 2 Wes Smith Bass Joe Kyle Drums Larry Gooch Percussion Dwight Porter BACKGROUND VOCALS: Magdalena Martinez Ashley Drown Dian Eddleman Adam Foote David Stutzman Marshall Sutton Acknowledgements: Frank Arcuri, Tuxedos by Prestige, King Jewelers, Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, J. Kent Freeman, John Perkins Photography, Younger Associates, USJ, Kathy "the Cookie Lady" Newsom, Tennessee Industrial Printers, Leaders Credit Union, Trees and Trends, Madison Academic, Emily Canter, Jeremy Blankenship, Madison Haywood Developmental Services, Joshua Williams
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