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Little Mary Sunshine

March 28, 1973

Little Mary Sunshine
CAST/CREW: CAST CHIEF BROWN BEAR (Chief of the Kadota Indians) Bob Gilliland CPL "BILLY" JESTER (a Forest Ranger) David Pyron CAPT. ''SIG JIM" WARINGTON (Captain of the Forest Rangers) Roger Cowen "LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE" (MARY POTTS) (Proprietress of the Colorado Inn) Pat Gilliland MME. ERNESTINE VON LIEBEDICH (an opera singer) Sue Brown* Linda Hayes•• NANCY TWINKLE (Little Mary's maid) Pat Brown FLEET FOOT (an Indian ide) Bob Brasher YELLOW FEATHER (Chief Brown Bear's son) Robin Draper GENERAL OSCAR FAIRFAX, RET. (a Washington diplomat) Wiley B. Jones *Wednesday and Thursday **Friday and Saturday and THE YOUNG LADIES OF THE EASTCHESTER FINISHING SCHOOL CORA Ann Phillips MAUD Teri Thomson GWENDOLYN Kathy Diamond HENRIETTA Vicki Weiler MABEL Linda Boggess BLANCHE Kathy Naylor MILDRED Jimmie Lynn Phillips HANNAH Debbie Webb MURIEL Carolyn Beard and THE YOUNG GENTLEMEN OF THE UNITED STATES FOREST RANGERS PETE Larry E. Ray TEX David DuBose SLIM Tommy Rhoads BUSTER Jerrold Dubner HANK Tommy Scott TOM Tom Snook EUGENE Righard Gaugh FRANK Jeff Morris BART Kenny Roe The Prologue will be spoken by Miss Linda Boggess. CREW Director Davrd Pyron Choreographer Pat Brown Assistant Linda Boggess Musical Directors: Leads Elisabeth Jarrell Fossey Chorus Carlys Scates Costume Design Carolyn McSparren Crew Kay Davis, Margaret Boyd, Bettye Pyron Production Manager and Liaison Dexter Smith Technical Director Rob Beasenburg Master Carpenters Porter Johnson. John Allen Crew Joe Pyron. Frank Boyd. Joe Wallace, Bill Jerstad Master Electrician Karen Wood Crew Joe Wallace, Randy Fesmire, Rob Beasenburg, Lee Garland Tickets Muriel Diamond Publicity Tom Scott, Kenny Roe, Richard Gaugh, Joanna Higgs. Robert Hewitt. Wanda Bain Advertisements Doris Medlin Photography Bruce Ricketson, Lee Garland Patrons Margaret Wyatt Scenic Artist Sally Alexander ACCOMPANISTS Pianist Jim Watlington Drums Richard Brown ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Little Mary's Wig compliments of HI-FASHION WIGS FIVE POINTS LUMBER COMPANY CHARLES BURNLEY
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