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December 15, 2011

CAST/CREW: CAST George Bailey Jeff Howell Clara Odbody Keaghlan Sheridan Mr. Gower Greg Lee Young George Thomas Brown Harry Bailey Sidney Burngasser Mother Bailey Janey Flood Aunt Tilly Kristi Brown Violet Peterson Rhonda Greer Bert Kevin Moss Ernie Chuck Lovelace Uncle Billy Russ Evans Mary Hatch Bailey Cecilia Hammond Henry Potter Michael Penny Mr. Potter's Goon Tony Flood Mr. Potter's Secretary Rebecca Turner Mrs. Hatch Mary Lou Martin Sam Wainwright Ben T. West Miss Andrews Sally Dickerson Mrs. Thompson Bailey Howell Mr. Martini James Krenis Mrs . Martini Katey Flood Miss Carter Chelsea Thompson Newspaper Boy Erik Abrahamson Pete Bailey Daryn Dallas Kate Bailey Harper Lee Zuzu Bailey Alexis Krenis Mr. Welch David Hooper CREW Director Becky Fly Asst. Director Sidney Burngasser Properties Marla Prater, Allison Flood Costumer Becky Fly Costume Crew Deborah Turner, Janey Flood, Kristi Brown, Julie Glosson Stage Manager Brenda Poteet Set Design Billy Worboys Set Construction Brent Varner, Patrick Kehoss, Billy Worboys, Cindy Mallard, David Hooper, Tony Flood, Katey Flood, Janey Flood, Allison Flood, Anthony Flood, Mary Lou Martin, Kenny Newsom, Sandy Johnson, Kristi Brown, Thomas Brown, Ben West, James Krenis Backstage Crew Chuck Lovelace, Jerald Theus, Craig Cohea, Thomas Brown Lighting Terry Bivens Box Office Susan Kriaski, Terry Poteet House Manager Katie Raper Preview Party Dodie Worboys, Lana Suite, Kayla Taylor, Frank Arcuri, Brent & Mary Varner, Kristen McKinney, Sandy Johnson Acknowledgements Jerry Holt, Tommy Rhoads, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Madison Academic Theatre Department, Kenny and Kathy Newsom, Flatiron Grille Restaurant, Yesterday’s Antiques - Jessie Byrum, HCI Supply - Bill Richardson, King Jewelers, Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, Younger Associates, John Perkins Photography, Cynthia Manuel- Mann - Soup Du Jour, Lynwood Wine & Spirits, Kenny & Kathy, Deidra Beene
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