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December 11, 2003

CAST/CREW: CAST George Bailey Brad Greer Clara Odbody Becky Fly Mr. Gower Russ Evans Young George Jonathan Chin Harry Bailey Darin Riley Mother Bailey Diann Robinson Aunt Tilly Michele Gachet Violet Peterson Amanda McFarland Bert Carl Seely Ernie Jeff Howell Uncle Billy Martin Meyer Mary Hatch Elisabeth Berry Henry F. Potter David Burke Potter's Goon Terry Poteet Ms. ldlewilde Brittney Morrison Mrs. Hatch Brenda Poteet Sam Wainwright Rob Beasenburg Miss Andrews Chelsey Morrison Mrs.Thompson Casey Rentfro Mr. Martini David Stutzman Mrs. Martini April Windsor Miss Carter Dawn Scott Paper Girl Emily Lovell Maggie Bailey Hannah Raines Janie Bailey Annabeth Hayes Zuzu Bailey Emily AnneGreer Tommy Bailey Nathan Chln Mr. Welch Chuck Lovelace CREW Director Billy Worboys Assistant to the Director Lindsay Mitchell/Leah Beth Bolton Makeup/Hair Design Chelsey Morrison, Kara Gamer, Anthony Eanes Scenic Design Billy Worboys Set Construction/Scenic Painting Rob & Dawn Scott, Ron Hamburger, Brad Greer, Jeff Howell, Russ Evans, Bill Kipp, Billy Worboys, Chuck Lovelace, David Stutzman, Toni Kuhn Stage Manager Lindsay Mitchell Backstage Assistants Quincy Rhoads, Leah Beth Bolton, Jimmy Hoppers, Kristin Mitchell, Kara Gamer Costumes Dawn Scott, Becky Fly, Michele Gachet, Lauren Stutzman Props Lindsay Mitchell, Casey Rentfro Lighting Design Terry Bivens House Manager Katie Raper Box Office Maria Mitchell, Margaret Morrison SPECIAL THANKS: Don & Maria Mitchell, Madison Magnet Theatre Dept., Union University Theatre Dept., Matt Worboys, The Jackson Sun, News Talk 1015, Thomas Media, WBBJ, Bubba's Bagels, King Jewelers, Younger Associates, Tim Irby Photography, Ken & Glenda Baker, Trey Tygrett, Bob's Upholstery, MASS, Nothing New, Nando Jones, Wynell Smith, Donna Hornburger, Margaret Morrison, Brasher's, Mr.& Mrs. Glen Rowlett
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