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December 12, 2002

CAST/CREW: CAST George Bailey David McCall Clara Odbody Becky Fly Mr.Gower Bob Conger Young George Nathan Powell Harry Bailey Rodney Carrington Mother Bailey Ann Holifield Aunt Tilly Eileen Cutler Violet Peterson Molly Williams Bert Kenny Adcock Ernie Jeff Howell Uncle Billy Lanny Poteet Mary Hatch Lindsey Smalley Henry F. Potter Bret Scott Ms.Simpson Jessica Ashley Mrs.Hatch Cathy Powell Sam Wainwright David Stutzman Miss Andrews Chelsey Morrison Mrs.Thompson Janni Firestone Mr.Martini Terry Wallace Mrs.Martini Dawn Scott Miss Carter Cynthia Manuel Paper Boy Nigel Manuel Maggie Bailey Leah Beth Bolton Jeannie Bailey Madison Eggenberger Zuzu Bailey Bailey Nicole Howell Janie Bailey Lauron Lancaster Mr.Welch TreyTygrett CREW Director Billy Worboys Assistant to the Director Mari West Makeup/Hair Design Jennifer Downing, Chelsey Morrison, Molly Williams, Kathy Cutler Set Design Billy Worboys Set Construction/Scene Painting Dr. Brian Ford, Ron Homburger, Lindsay Mitchell, Don Mitchell, Rick Stevens, Rob & Dawn Scott, Billy Worboys, Terry Wallace, Tim & Eve Pritchard, Derek Shipman, Kenny Adcock Stage Manager Mari West Backstage Assistants Lindsay Mitchell,Quincy Rhoads, Kristin Mitchell, Derek Shipman, Stephanie Morrison Costumes Becky Fly, Margaret Morrison, Dodie Worboys,Molly Williams Props Cathy Powell, Maria Mitchell, Becky Fly, Matt Worboys, Bret Scott, Trey Tygrett Lighting Design Terry Bivens House Manager Katie Raper Lobby Decoration Bernadette's Secret Garden,Maria Mitchell, Kristen McKenney Box Office Kristen McKenney, Mark McKenney, Richard Williams SPECIAL THANKS: Cerebral Palsy Center, Don & Maria Mitchell,JCM Theatre Dept. Union University Theatre Dept., Matt Worboys, The Jackson Sun, News Talk 1015, Bubba's Bagels, King Jewelers, Younger Associates,Jackson Photo Supply, Yesterday's Antiques, Lynnwood Wine & Spirits, Jim & Emily Freeman, Mike Melton, RIFA, Chris & Jerri Sue Maxwell, Signs First
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