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August 10, 2001

CAST/CREW: CAST Scott Conley as Arliss Struvie Petey Fisk Charlene Bumiller Vera Carp Chad Harwick Didi Snavely Jody Bumiller Stanley Bumiller Phinas Blye Harold Dean Latimer Billy Worboys as Thurston Wheelis Bertha Bumiller Aunt Pearl Burras Leonard Childers Hank Bumiller R.R. Snavely Sheriff Givens The Reverend Spikes CREW Director/Referee Becky Fly Stage Manager Brenda Poteet Asst. Stage Mgr. Mari West Set Design Billy Worboys Lighting Design J.D Sargent Terry Bivens Costumes Becky Fly Steve Taranto Wig Styling Kevin Kemp - The Salon Dressers Kristen McKenney, Mari West, Richard Williams, Holley Wood, John West Set Construction Billy Worboys, Don Mitchell, Mark McKenney, Grover King, Mark Spraggins, Jerry Kesterson, J.D. Sargent, Tony Gooch, Eve Pritchard, Tim Pritchard Sound/Lighting Terry Bivens J.D. Sargent Scenic Painting Billy Worboys, Toni Khun, Kristin Mitchell, Lindsay Mitchell, John West, David McCall, Lauren Pritchard, Grant Pritchard, Brandon Pritchard Technical Crew J.D. Sargent Box Office Ellen Bennett, Nancy Ruby, Jane Wolfe Publicity Becky Fly, Ellen Bennett House Manager Katie Raper Special Thanks Yesterday’s Antiques, JCM Drama Dept., Davis-Kidd Booksellers & Cafe, Bubba’s Bagels, King Jewelers, The Jackson Sun, WBBJ, The Eye Clinic, Jerry Smith, Richard Hall-Jackson, Photo Supply, Matt Worboys, WNWS 101.5, Ivy Morford
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