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April 19, 2007

CAST/CREW: CAST Leon Tolchinsky Josh Quinn Snetsky Taylor West Magistrate Carl Seely Slovitch Chuck Lovelace Mishkin Kyle Williams Yenchna Janet Leathers Dr. Zubritsky Billy Worboys Lenya Zubritsky Anna Rene Morris Sophia Zubritsky Leah Beth Bolton Gregor Yousekevitch Marty Meyer CREW Director Darren Michael Assistant to the director Kelly Williams Costumes Becky Fly Scenic Design Billy Worboys Set Construction Chuck Lovelace, Joshua Quinn, Darren Michael, Taylor West, Kyle & Kelly Williams, Marty Meyer Props Kelly Williams Stage Crew Jessie Wright Sound/Lighting Terry Bivens Box Office Mary Catherine Gatlin, Terry & Brenda Poteet House Manager Katie Raper Preview Party Kay Culbreath, Carl & Linda Seely, Teresa Morgan, Eliza Forbes, Val Exum Special Thanks Tim Irby Photography, Lynnwood Wine and Spirits, Central Distributors, Madison Academic Drama Dept., Union University Theatre Dept., HCI Supply - Bill Richardson, The Jackson Centre, Michael Hill, Starbucks®, Gay “Meme” Barnette, Rachel Dickson - The Dickson Gallery of Fine Art
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