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July 10, 2014

CAST/CREW: CAST Lawrence Jamison Billy Worboys Andre Thibault Ontoni Reedy Muriel Autumn Jackson Freddy Benson Ben West Jolene Jennylyn Caterina Christine Colgate Terrie Killough Lenore Barbara lmarhia Sophia Cecilia Hammond Renee Sara Chinery Gerard Chuck Lovelace Croupier David Lundgren Waiter Hayden Nichols Hotel Manager Bruce Boone Lawrence's Jilted Ladies Lauren Lay, Barbara lmarhia, Bailey Howell, Meg Howell, Cecilia Hammond Nun One Rebecca Turner Bell Hop One Brandon Douglas Sailor One Chris Weiner Conductor David French Nikos Bruce Boone Ensemble Cast: Bruce Boone, Sara Chinery, Brandon Douglas, David French, Cecilia Hammond, Bailey Howell, Meg Howell, Barbara lmarhia, Lauren Lay, Chuck Lovelace, David Lundgren, Hayden Nichols, Rebecca Turner, Chris Weiner CREW Director Scott Conley Music Director Benjamin Duffey Vocal Director Christina Gooch Duffey Choreographer Helena Anderson Assistant Director Thomas Arbuckle II Stage Manager Brenda Poteet Set Design Billy Worboys Light/Sound Terry Bivens Set Construction Billy Warboys, Ben West, Patrick Kehoss, David Lundgren, Chuck Lovelace, Bruce Boone, Kenny Newsom, Robert P. Curlin Costumer Becky Fly Costumes Broadway Costumes, Joanna Douglass, Deborah Turner, Sarah Hazlehurst, Angela Hazlehurst Props Fran Lockwood Musicians First Keyboard Benjamin Duffey Second Keyboard Micah Snow Guitar Dan Hodges Bass Bill Nettles Percussion JR Kerfoot Box Office Susan Kriaski, Terry Poteet Preview Party Dodie Warboys, Flatiron Grille, Kristen McKinney, Lana Suite, Kayla Taylor, Mary Varner, Sandy Johnson House Manager Katie Raper Special Acknowledgements: Frank Arcuri, King Jewelers, Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, John Perkins Photography, Younger Associates, Kenny & Kathy Newsom, Andrew Boks, Madison Academic Theatre Department, Lauren Lay
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