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December 14, 2023

CAST/CREW: CAST Ralph/Storyteller Scott Huelin Ralphie Parker Cooper Thompson Mother Renée Brooks The Old Man Leo Baxter Randy Evie Allen Miss Shields Beth Gobbell Flick Spencer Parnell Schwartz Levi Troge Esther Jane Alberry Lexi Allen Helen Weathers Eden Frizzell Scut Farkas Caden Kennedy Santa Claus John Knopick Elf Clay Elliott CREW Director Billy Worboys Assistant Director Clay Elliott Stage Manager Christie Elliott Props Ariel Baxter Set Design Billy Worboys Backstage Crew Ariel Baxter, Dan Spangle, Barry Summer, Rew Garner, Brynlee Allen, Jonathan Allen Lighting Design Billy Worboys, Will Burke, Kate Cagle Sound/Lights Terry Bivens, Kate Cagle, Chloe Estes Costumes Ariel Baxter, Amy Dietrich Set Construction Billy Worboys, Ariel Baxter, Dan Spangle, Kenny Newsom, Bruce Boone, Christie Elliott, Clay Elliott, Leo Baxter, Kate Cagle Preview Party Dana Poteete, Megan Weatherford, Julie Cooke, Debra Taylor, Olivia Taylor, Rachel Adams, Kristin Pummer Box Office Ariel Baxter House Managers Anne Sain, Davie Harrison SPECIAL THANKS: Flatiron Grille, J. Kent Freeman, Central Distributors, Kimberly Moore, The Ned, Tennessee Industrial Printing, Ontoni Reedy, Jaime Brown, Steven and Jane Leatherland, Patricia Smith, Bruce Boone, and all our volunteer ushers!
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