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December 15, 2022

CAST/CREW: CAST BOB CRATCHIT Leo Baxter MRS CRATCHIT Molly Smith TINY TIM Carter Smith PETER CRATCHIT Grady Allen MARTHA CRATCHIT Abby Weatherford BELINDA CRATCHIT Lydia Baxter ELIZABETH CRATCHIT Beatrice Sutton MARLEY'S GHOST Clayton Elliott SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PAST Sierra Gonzalez-Cruz SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT David McCall SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS YET TO COME Deanna McCrudden FRED HALLOWAY Zakkeus Bonds BESS, FEZZIGWIG PARTY GUEST Keegan Etheridge YOUNG MAN SCROOGE Seth Pratt BELLE Mecca Jarmon YOUNG SCROOGE David Snell FRAN Brianna McCrudden DICK WILKINS Sam Weatherford TOPPER, LOST SOUL, SWING Rew Garner LOST SOUL, PARTY GUEST Daniel Varughese MR. FEZZIWIG Marshall Sutton MRS. FEZZIWIG, TOWNSPERSON Brittanie Doaks MR. SCROOGE Christopher Stevens NARRATOR, MAN 2 Russ Evans BUSINESSMAN 1, MERCHANT 1, PARTY GUEST Logan Taylor BUSINESSMAN 2, MERCHANT 2, PARTY GUEST Tony Cockrell STREET URCHIN, LITTLE FRAN Willow Kelley STREET URCHIN, HOMELESS BOY William Sutton STREET URCHIN Cooper Sutton STREET URCHIN Evan Weatherford HOMELESS GIRL, BELLE'S DAUGHTER Ada Baxter IGNORANCE Max Weatherford WANT Evie Allen CHESTNUT VENDOR, DOCTOR Patrick Dollar MR. TOY VENDOR, BELLE'S HUSBAND, FEZZIWIG PARTY GUEST Alfred Custer MRS. TOY VENDOR, FEZZIWIG PARTY GUEST, MERCHANT 3 Beth Gobbell PORRIDGE VENDOR 1, FEZZIWIG PARTY GUEST Darin Hollingsworth PORRIDGE VENDOR 2 Juliana Kyzar HOMELESS MOTHER, TOWNSPERSON, FEZZIWIG PARTY GUEST Callie Dollar LOST SOUL, HOMELESS FATHER, MAN 1 Alan Weatherford EMILY, TOWNSPERSON Makayla Blackstock LOST SOUL Ariel Baxter CREW Co-Directors Billy Worboys and LOLO Stage Manager Christie Elliott Costumes Becky Fly, Amy Dietrich, Darin Hollingsworth,Norcostco Costumes Minneapolis Props Ariel Baxter, Megan Weatherford Set Design Billy Worboys Backstage Crew Dan Spangle, Megan Weatherford, Sam Weatherford Lighting Design William Burke Sound/Lights Terry Bivens, Kate Cagle Choreographer Renee Brooks Hair Abby Weatherford, Keagan Etheridge Makeup Keegan Etheridge, Rew Garner Set Design Billy Worboys Set Construction Billy Worboys, Dan Spangle, Brent Varner, Kenny Newsom, Ariel Baxter, Marshall Sutton, Cooper Sutton, David McCall, Alfred Custer, Abby Weatherford, Sam Weatherford, Alan Weatherford, Patrick Dollar, Seth Pratt, Kate Cagle, Daniel Varughese Preview Party Lana, Kayla, Dodie, Kimberly Moore, Julie Cooke, Dana Poteete,Adrianne Craig, Rachel Adams, Senica Cephus Box Office and Tickets Ariel Baxter, Megan Weatherford, Jonathan Allen, David McCall House Manager Davie Harrison
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