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December 15, 2016

CAST/CREW: CAST Scrooge David Lundgren Fred Matthew Wallace Bob Cratchit Alfred Custer Marley Will Wilson Past/Mother Kayla Arcuri Present Kathryn Flood Mrs. Cratchit Katie Harville Elizabeth Mariah Kerr Martha Leah Wilmonth Belinda/Young Scrooge/Lost Soul/Want Millie Treadway Peter/Lost Soul Cassidi Adams Tiny Tim Lexi Krenis Belle Sydney Lofton Young Man Scrooge Nick Zerfoss Bess/Fan Megan Christoferson Emily/Urchin 4/Lost Soul Chloe Isabella Estes Little Fan/Little Girl Bri Mccrudden Mr. Fezziwig/Topper/Merchant 2 Ontoni Reedy Mrs. Fezziwig/Businesswoman 1 Deborah Simer Mrs. Toy/ Party Guest 1 Deanna Mccrudden Businesswoman 2/Woman Sarah Hazlehurst Porridge Vendor 1/Man Dan Spangle Porridge Vendor 2/Father Charlie Felton Chestnut Vendor/Mr. Scrooge Bruce Boone Dick Wilkins/Belle's Husband Brian Hannah Merchant 3/Party Guest 4/Citizen Rebecca Turner Belle's Child/Little Girl 2 Selena Stanfill Merchant 1 (Thursday-Saturday) Melissa Roberts Urchin 1/Lost Soul Anna Trinidad Urchin 2/Party Guest 2 Meredith Adams Urchin 3/Schoolmate/Lost Soul/Ignorance Lily Carothers Urchin 5/Schoolmate/Party Guest 3 Hailey Simpson CREW Director Leah Fincher Assistant Director Laura Reswig Choreography Rew Gardner Set Design Billy Worboys Stage Manager Brenda Poteet Lights/Sound Terry Bivens Set Construction Billy Worboys, Jeff Howell, Patrick Kehoss, Bruce Boone, Kenny Newsom, Sidney Lofton, Nick Zerfoss, David Lundgren Costumes Adam Foote, Norcostco Props Chrissy Watson, Destiny Cole Box Office Kristen McKenney, Terry Poteet Preview Party Dodie Warboys, Flatiron Grille, Lana Suite, Andrew Boks, Kayla Taylor, Mary Varner, Sandy Johnson, Angela Hazlehurst House Manager Katie Raper Acknowledgements: Becky Fly, Frank Arcuri, King Jewelers, Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, John Perkins Photography, Younger Associates, DET Distributing, Todd Swims-Leaders Credit Union, First United Methodist Church, Robert Curlin, Madison County Haywood Development
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