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December 17, 2009

CAST/CREW: CAST Ebenezer Scrooge Billy Worboys Jacob Marley, Party Guest Will Wilson Bob Cratchit John Grimes Fred Halloway Sidney Burngasser Ghost of Christmas Present, Mr. Toy Vendor Chuck Lovelace Boy Dick Wilkens, Urchin Russell Walden Boy Thomas, Uchin Brooks Daugherty Chestnut Vendor, Doctor Carl Seely Narrator, Fighting Man, Party Guest, Lost Soul Phillip Dunlap Porridge Vendor, Mr. Scrooge, Sr. David Hooper Mr. Fezziwig, Lost Soul, Fighting Man Roger Stanfield Boy Scrooge, Uchin, Urchin with Scrooge Thomas Brown Young Man Scrooge, Ghost of Christmas Future Landon Brisco Peter Cratchit Sean Chaikowsky Tiny Tim, "Want" Daryn Dallas Young Man Dick Wilkins, Lost Soul, Party Guest Reid Benson Lost Soul, Homeless Father Bobby Henson Ghost of Christmas Past, Mrs. Toy Vender Brandy Bartlet Businesswoman, Mrs. Fezziwig, Homeless Mother Amanda Dallas Mrs. Cratchit Kristi Brown Bess Halloway Sarah Ashley Urchin, Young Fran Jessica Cox Urchin, Homeless Daughter Brooke George Belle, Solicitor, Rich Merchant, Party Guest Leah Beth Bolton Frran, Party Guest Seneca Gaydon Porridge Vendor, Martha Cratchit Anna Pickens Belinda Cratchit, Fezziwig's Daughter Gabrielle Henson Narrator, Party Guest, Rich Merchant LaCrea Gladen Urchin, Elizabeth Cratchit Karli Dallas "Ignorance" Kate Lemons CREW Director Shelley Blackwell Assistant Director Garrett Henson 2nd Assistant Rheagan Lovelace Stage Manager Brenda Poteet Assistant Stage Manager Carrie Smith Set Design Billy Worboys Set Construction/Painting Brent Varner, Billy Worboys, Sam Mauck, Tim Batross, Wendell Beardon, Peter Chaikowsky, Sean Chaikowsky Costumes Broadway Costumes, Inc., Shelley Blackwell, Gail Johnson Props/Set Decoration Cast Backstage Crew Rheagan Lovelace, Brent Varner, Carrie Smith, Garrett Henson, Amber Smith, Conlee Benson, Stephanie Butler, Rachel Rinks, Craig Cohea, Austin Maitland, Carrie Lott Lighting Design Terry Bivens, Terry Baker Sound Design Shelley Blackwell Box Office Susan Kriaski, Kelly Williams, Terry Poteet Preview Party Dodie Worboys, Megan Carmichael, Lana Suite, Mary Wilkerson, Brent Varner House Manager Katie Raper Acknowledgements: John Allen, Southside High School, Gail Johnson, HCI Supply - Bill Richardson, King Jewelers, Carriage House Antique Market & Cafe, Younger Associates, Tim Batross, BancorpSouth, Yesterday's Antiques, Dodie Worboys, The Jackson Clinic, Star 107.7-Julie Cooke, Maria Mitchell, John Perkins Photography, Wolfe Enterprises, Hill-Boren P.C., Madison County Chancery Court. Marty Meyer, Brandon Douglas, Terry Baker
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